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As I write this, I have to set the tone by calling a seemingly unrelated event and describing how it is looked at suggests a course on how to write this profile. Let me give you the lat long so you can see on Google Earth a very real place


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Between my freshman and sophmore year I visited my Uncle in Australia. He survived the Bloodlands and had wound up as a member of Viking Division Waffen SS working for regime that at the time was trying to kill his own uncle (Read the Book) winter evening was setting and he hit me with his opinion that Patton had been assonated. Flash Forward I was listening to Talk Radio with the Author of Target Patton and the hair of the back of my head stands up. I have heard these stories before. The book suggests but admits that there is no prima facia case that Patton was assonated the backing stories and hypothesis are there but well some things disappear. So last month or so I have myself dealing with mysterious circumstances in the boxing world she he said he is silent with a local amateur boxer seemingly the victim of it all.

Salina laces up larger photo                                                                           Salina wraps larger photo

Salina skips larger photo                                                                                Salina skips larger photo

 Salina Barrios was ranked #5 when I visited Alamo City boxing. Update 4/6/11 she still is Her father was visibly angry at what happened in Golden Gloves calling it a robbery. I have asked around since I was not there. An unnamed official, a couple coaches indicate it was. Due to the lack of TV, I have not seen the fight. Ausaboxing is working under revised code of conduct. The anger Salina’s father voiced has evidence from multiple sources backing it up. Three coaches that I have talked to back up what Salina’s father says about the fight. The following statement is not to disparage Salina Barrios. Melissa Odessa-Parker as I have found out has shown an unusually high degree of sportswomanship. Under the rules I operate this site under I am not permitted to make a decision on the fight. The tough fiery Salina though is in cloud if not a centerpiece of this controversy. John Whisler called the fight the fight of night. Salina is tough. Therefore, you have the onions of multiple coaches an unnamed official weighed against the Judges the express news reporter. To make this fair you have a discreet act of character that weighs in for the Parker side. Salina’s aggressive hard fighting spirit should not be forgotten.  4/06/11 the feeling expressed remains and Mr Barrios said there is talk of giving Salina an award for her performance.  Note a similar thing happened with Maribel being defeated at Golden GLoves 2001 yet was given an award. 

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Mr. Barrios did tell a story that was backed up by Melissa Odessa Parker. Salina was scheduled to fight at Armed Forces boxing championships. The morning of the weigh in, she was told not show up. Melissa’s attitude I received on face book was that tough Salina is not a member of the armed forces….this backs up that both Melissa Odessa parker and perhaps Carrie Barry backed out of a fight with Salina Barrios at Lackland. Melissa Odessa Parker admitted that the chain of events happened.  At this point things potentially get weird. The question emerges why was Melissa unwilling to fight Salina Barrios at Armed Forces then Suddenly willing to fight her at Golden Gloves. A retired military man was upset at the additional time spent in San Antonio TDY. Also, note that Marine Corps and the USAF wound up with controversy after the Armed Forces Boxing Championships. ( Google Cpl Bolden Armed Forces and for fun pull up Skip Wilson's name as well ).  As in Target Patton, some strange relationships and inferences can be made but solid data to back up an accusation is not there.   Melissa Wishes it would go away but South Texas has a memory problem the closeness of the bout and other reasons have burned the event into collective memory. 

Salina bag 1

Carrie Barry sued and went to mediation winning her case against USA boxing on Pan Am games qualifications. A friend in the Gulf Coast was livid about it. Had this person gone to Galveston he could have sold steamed Oysters from what was going out of his ears. That same voice was also laughing when reports filtered back that Carrie Barry received a less then warm reception. Melissa Odessa Parker insists on facebook she had no part in the suit. The other 25 boxers involved remain unnamed. I have sought to find out through multiple sources that the boxers were and if before or during Armed Forces the batter was discussed between Melissa Odessa Parker and Carrie Barry. Melissa Odessa Parker has denied this. Rightly or Wrongly, I am skeptical. She might be a victim of the devaluation of the weight of the globe an anchor that Lt Col Frank Corte USMC reserve did when he called Terri Hall liar using the cache of the Globe and Anchor during a primary election then as soon as results were on KTSA he admitted he lied about Terri Hall. I will add in Melissa Odessa’s Parker’s defense she confirmed by message to me that Salina Barrios was invited then un invited to Armed Forces. Melissa Odessa Parker contends Salina should have never been invited to participate in the Armed forces boxing championships. Bottom line Salina Barrios was invited and in the morning of the weigh in told not to show up. Full disclosure here that incident rightly or wrongly effects how I feel about this event. I have run across sources unsolicited indicating Melissa Odessa-Parker is a woman of her word. Naturally, since Salina Barrios a high school student she was unable to attend the revised Pan Am game trials. This turn of events did not help our local Salina Barrios.  Update 4/06/11  Mr Barrios was not the least bit pleased with this turn of events.  So was Melissa Odessa Parker involved with the lawsuit.  Once again we are in the area of the book Target Patton a probable chain of events but missing evidence.  Please note with the book target Patton a Latvian living in Canberra Australia told a remarkably similar story to an author from the USA some 20 years removed.  Mr Barrios feels that Salina was denied the opportunity compete by underhanded means.  Salina Barrios is a high school student.  Did Barry engage in this lawsuit to avoid fighting Salina? At this point the son of both Command Sergant Major Agris Stipnieks, an CW4 Maris Stipnieks will engage in editorial comment from what I have seen I would not be surprised if this were the case or a contributing factor of the lawsuit.  Sorry denying what had been confirmed in a facebook message is not quite the conduct of those who would represent this nation and US Army in international competition.  We are stuck wondering why Salina was denied a bout in the competition and what if she had competed before the worst incident of Armed Forces that had an unspecified witness upset about it weeks later.  (Google BOlden) 

Tall photo bag feels Salina                                                      Salina faces bag

reflection Salina double end                                                   Salina double end 2


Salina’s father talked about going pro in frustration shortly after Golden Gloves. Salina is feared how armed forces was mishandled in more ways then one fuels speculation and raises more questions that have her as the victim. Despite the loss at Golden Gloves it is quite logical to fear Salina. Note two South Texas civilian boxers won one by decision that had a standing 8 and the other by RSC.

Salina double end wooden background                                      Salina double end Aztec background

Reflection Salina double end

Well if Salina goes pro shortly, there is another gal who I would like to see in the ring with her but that is purely my editorial opinion. Could we see a Barrios Lopez fight? Could Salina Barrios put on the canvas those who have given her an uphill battle or those who bailed against her on the national stage? Will Barrios represent USA in the Olympics or go pro? 4/6/11 updated Salina is training for nationals. 



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