Part Three Bianca Side of  The Story

The Questions made her fight in Austin interesting.   Later a fight in South Texas ended with controversy....I saw DVD of one round that appears to be a robbery.  I only saw 1 round her opponent has been dodging a rematch. 

Her little brother has a heart condition that needs high dollar help.  Her trainer and father ain't so high dollar. Maribel is regarded around the gym like Larry McMurtry's characters Gus and Woodrow regarded their friend Jake in the novel Lonesome Dove.  Maribel found she was in a band of outlaws unlike Trooper Ledezma also on the card chose not escape.  Bianca is in the position to help end a career.  Well to quote Gus "Ride with an outlaw.....die with an outlaw"  The fight will be May 30 at Municipal Auditorium San Antonio Texas.  Tickets available from Ticketmaster.  After May 8 contact Team Azteca boxing club and Emilio Ledezma was well.




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