Death in The Ring and Road to Corruption Marked by Error Editorial Esteban Erik Stipnieks


A boxer in Australia passed away this weekend. Australia to me not some far off distant country but a place I had spent many memorable moments in began training for a successful cross-country season in and well frankly my Uncle embarrassed the heck out of me. I could easily write a piece celebrating Jessie Rodriguez as he trains to fight a Russian in September that my late Aunt Biruta (aussie) and currently living Uncle Gints (unofficial Latvian ambassador during the later phase of the occupation of Latvia by Ivan technically the USSR but a USSR that was dominated by Russian) would be proud of but in the end my adopted father would not like it. My late aunt Biruta lost a child while she was a slave laborer of the Nazis and her husband was killed by Ivan. That father claimed me May 1 1991 on the East Fork of the Frio River 440 yards away from where I would hear about the death of Cari Crews. That news brought be back to Oscar Diaz got a 10 count and a Marine complained about media coverage of an accident involving his brother Marines. I know that February 23rd on San Antonio Boxers a posting showed Oscar had died and it had been a long time before I wrote about it. I remember clearly pounding a heavy bag a week before the event when a boxing trainer predicted that the night would be one of the biggest disasters in San Antonio boxing. Strangely enough after his prophecy he too would be involved in a couple bizarre incidents in local boxing before and after. I still say the best night of San Antonio boxing and the worst night of San Antonio boxing are inextricably linked they were in fact the same night. The ESPN2 bout was the tragic final act. I do a dance because those who knew the undercurrent the Bianca Ledezma v Maribel Zurita would realize that was a real grudge match the two embraced after the fight. An Afrcian American boxer also beat up the nephew of an SS man both joke about it now Starr Johnson out of Houston and Scarlett McKenzie out of Houston have 1 thing in common. That is the plus side of boxing.

The news about Oscar Diaz broke February 23 2015 for a long time I kept my mouth shut because in my own anger of what went wrong I reduced person to Oscar almost to an academic exercise. It is not out of the realm possibility that that I went to school with a relatives of Christina Ruiz's opponent Emily Klinefelter (jewish and with the same last name) I had beaten the dead horse. On the metaphysical realm I still believe there is only 1 path to blissful eternity and that is through the saving power of Christ Jesus. At a certain point in funerals I tune off believing Christ is the only way to heaven. I love the Diaz family and yeah I admit some of what I wrote may have hurt and possibly even the statements about eternity in this paragraph do hurt. Speaking the truth with love is hard. An Aussie boxer is dead how many people who despise boxing realize the friendship that can exist between boxers after a fight. I know memories of Oscar's last fight were not far from the mind a person with great authority at the Golden Boy Leija Battah card. The very premise of my editorial about hometown fighters being at greater risk was in fact agreed upon. Then a few days later proven again I do not think that ultimately fatal incidents of this is the equality women want.

It was a discussion about my parent's children editorial with former pro now a coach going on quite happily with life. This former pro who would be recognized by everybody well told me about how he started boxing. I will admit now that 1 statement I made about I do not know of boxer being forced into the sport by a parent in San Antonio had a happy ending. Well in one case it did. Celina Salazar lost who knows maybe Christina Ruiz when she fights Shelly Vincent will make me eat my words about if I were Vincent. Christina Ruiz could argue that my tone after being defriended on facebook has turned hostile towards her. George Foreman when he made his comeback when asked on a talk show if his opponent was good he replied I hope not. If I where Shelly I would pick Christina as an opponent. I have also been wrong before.

That gets us to the discussion of power and pursuit of it. May 1 1991 I got a new Father and what that father says about mankind is pretty rough. Yet the previous paragraph is just one example of blunders. I made a slight misstatement in a private conversation. The man who helped build Rachel Saint's bathroom was quick with a correction based on the scripture by Grace we have been saved not through works so that no man should boast. He was right. Several years ago we had a revolution in South Texas Amateur boxing. The irony is I do not think the ousted realized they had started abusing their power. If asked they would have justified their actions and considered themselves agents of good. Evil rarely announces itself as evil it parades as high virtue. You know sometimes there is nothing new under the sun or son. Sometimes the present feels like a hit on rewind button. We all have to decide when speaking truth to power is worth losing power in the process. Then again a Christian view of power is that power in the hands of a non Christian is almost assures a more unpleasant eternity because power is easily abused and that will be accounted for. By the same token power in the hands of a believer is a greater means and opportunity to serve a heavier cross to bear. Oh by the way Adam Lopez and Tammy Franks had a good weekend as well both winning.


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