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Austin, New Braunfels, Denton, Wurzburg, Chantilly, Smiltene , Globe girdling Ironic Footnote in Aviation History

A historical look at the Pan Am Tv Series

Lat Long and address New Braunfels to Austin tour of local aviation historical sites

New Braunfels to San Antonio tour Lat long and addresses

General             Military        Commercial  

General Aviation
Biz jets of june 2010

flight Training in Summer 4 pics two generations new

Turbo Props Trucking Along  new

Its a fun day Sunday for flying!  Duke and Skyhawk photos!

Robert Mueller Tales Football Fans(Commentary) UPDATED

Mexican Commerce Photo Spread SAT

Salute to the Cessna 172

 Skyhawk Lots of Photos of Wright Flyers SAT based birds in action

Not Low Flight Cessna 150 Flight with low grade photo






















Military Aviation story
A guide and essay for the historian about the Atomic bomb drop New

Uncovered Information  about Chernobyl poses questions about Soviet Team In Chantilly 1989

A former Austin Aviator captures Chuck Yeager off camera rethinking an American hero

Reality of Military Life Different then Most Hollywood portrayals

Latvian V USSR of the skies of France Austin link

Not Hollywood split of a disaster

7 Pics 6 available at 900 pixel of C-23 Sherpa final SAT

From Robert Mueller history Glad we could help where can we put him!

The World's Best FIrst officer a story of military and commercial flight FICTION

4 Photos of a C-5 in a lower altitude turn over Von Ormy Texas

Unwilling Unscripted Participants' In Aviation History The Colombia Accident A Different Take Commentary

Military Traffic SAT 4 pictures Jayhawks and Texans Oh Oh yes I added a C-12 Picture from the Devil Dogs

Commercial flight
Adios Mexicana remembrence of airline passing in its final moments first flight I remember from SAT

10 pictures Luvly approaches 12 R SAT new june 2010

The Mad Dog-80 still a resence at SAT 2 AA and Charter Arrival new june 2010

April afternoon off Wetmore Road
(New April 2010)
An O9er ponders location to the airport and Golden Age of Jets (not sad I did not live here then)

Trio of Photos and historical blurb of Continental Airlines flying into and out of SAT

Southwest And San Antonio International Airport color change but song remains the same Photos

American Airlines Now V Then (Photos)

Heat Haze a CRJ lands and quickly after ERJ same brand departs photos

Shut UP We Do not Want this on Tape Texas International DC-9 Browning Hanger updated with research enhacned!)

Robert Mueller Tales Part III Braniff International gives Gray hairs to ATC(Commentary)

Boeing 707 Encounter At SAT (Photos)
May 18 2009 more up close body shots! 

American Airlines MD-80 Screaming On The Roll

Southwest Airlines On the Roll

 Take off photos before Rotation

Temperature Increase will increase takeoff distance a trio of departures SAT 12R May 09


Counting nose hairs zoom some upclose photos of favorite types so close you can not see much of the airplane what you do is detailed

727 Encounter

Boeing 757 Four shot spread plus commentary

Muesings on a Takeoff with a photo

Silver on Gray American Airlines MD 80 Part 1

silver on Gray AA Tribute Part 2

Part 3 Silver on Gray AA Tribute Timeless Style!

Southwest Airlines Pictorial Tribute Part 1

Second photo page dedicated to Southwest Airlines SAT

Photo Tribute Southwest Airlines SAT Part III

Part 4 LUV and SAT

Last Photo Page LUVin southwest at SAT

Wings of Peace Wings of War Poem and Photo(ERJ 170/195 Departure 12R SAT Northwest Express)

Ode to An Airline Pilot a Christmas Story(737-700 Departure 12R SAT Southwest Airlines)

Worlds best first officer a fictional story of a World champion pilot first officer in a Brasilia



Flying Fiction:
Culture clash 777 V Connie (a Connie Captain finds himself in a strange place)

Preview of upcoming series Mission failed A Comanche Flight that failed to Bridge the gap between son and father

Transpacific tales Immediate Post War When the Connie yet to Super and DC-4 and blazed the trail part of a multiple trip series LAX to Sydney In Different Eras

Trans Pac Part III THe early Jet Era Nadi still needed

The False start Baby Boeing over wide Pacific non stop Pan Am late 1970s and the SP

Endless Night Twilight of HOnolulu as a way station

The Distance Vanquished high tech comfort at 80% speed of SOund




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